5 Walt Disney World Tips For Any Vacation

Sarah grew up vacationing in Disney World every two years. Peter started vacationing regularly after the two of them completed their College Program. We have created 5 general tips that will help anyone have a memorable and enjoyable trip.

  • Know you will not get everything done.
    • Understanding this before you arrive will ensure you aren't disappointed when your vacation is over. We've lived here for 8 months and still have not done everything. Do your research and set a goal of a handful of must dos. Anything else you experience is simply extra magic!
  • Understand that things can go astray.
    • Disney is full of Pixie Dust but on occasion the Germany Pavilion can run out of pretzels.
  • Take in all the details.
    • Imagineers put thought into every detail! Google the flags at Cinderella's Royal Table or the mini statues on Nine Dragons Restaurant.
  • Rest time is essential.
    • Given the first two bullets, take a late morning or a complete day dedicated to the pool or lounging if your vacation can give up that day. You will not enjoy Main Street after 12 hours if you walked in at 8 am utterly exhausted.
  • Find Magic in the most unexpected ways.
    • The most magical memory does not HAVE to be meeting Mickey Mouse or a Princess but can be laughing at Grandpa's terrible jokes waiting in line or playing tag on the hub grass.


  • Jane O'Sullivan

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. New follower of your thanks to a friend….love your vlogs.

  • Caroline

    Great tips and very true!

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