"I'm Just Going for a Quick 5K"

"I'm just going for a quick 5K." - Jim Ryan

Last January Sarah and I were watching the runners of the 2018 Marathon. I was inspired. I began thinking of Sarah's late father, Jim Ryan, who would say "I'm just going for a quick 5k". When I started dating Sarah I was an unathletic high schooler who couldn't imagine running around the block. But I heard this man, who unknown to many was fighting Melanoma cancer, talk about running a 5k like it was taking out the garbage. He was so physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, and so very full of life! Through his entire fight he remained defiantly positive and motivated. Jim will always be a model Father, Husband neighbor, and all around human being for me to look and live up to.

What came to mind next was the infertility/ health issues my wife have taken on during our journey to start a family. I thought about our fertility specialist emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise. The runners that passed were diverse in athleticism, age, speed, size, and form. I am strong. I love a challenge. Why couldn't I be out there too?

It suddenly became a no brainer. A combination of needing to refocus my health for the sake of my future family and striving to live more like Jim I thought, "I need to run this next year!" 

It was right there at the Boardwalk Resort that I told Sarah that I would begin training for the 2019 Dopey Challenge. I would be dedicated to run in her Dad's honor. In addition to living more like him, we are consistently protecting ourselves from the Florida sun. We do everything we can to prevent the ruthless cancer that Jim fought so fiercely, and also spread our knowledge. My training has been motivated by becoming healthier, and therefore living a longer, fuller life for Sarah and our future family. Our focus on eating better and being active with assist our infertility journey. Being a little Dopey will certainly be rewarding!

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