Keep Moving Forward: A Brief History of Our Infertility

2018 marks our tenth year together! Tenth!

Having children has always been our pinnacle goal. Our greatest dream. Our "we'd give up everything" for. Below you will find the brief history behind the infertility tribulations you see us experience on the vlog:

Summer 2008: We discuss the "perfect baby name" over AOL instant messaging... A name that still reigns as our top pick for our future child.

December 2008: We become boyfriend and girlfriend.

2008-2015: We graduated high school, started college, and experienced the Disney College Program together. 

August 2015: As best friends, we became husband and wife.

November 2015: We officially decided to try and start our family.

Every month we dealt with the heartbreak that it wasn't the right time. 

February 2017: We went to the OB-GYN specifically to begin fertility tests because we hadn't been successful after trying for over a year.

March 2017: Sarah had a her tubes inspected for shape and structure (dye test) while Peter had an analysis done. Both came back fine.

For a short period of time, Sarah's doctor had her on clomid to try to bring about higher ovulations.

May 2017: Eve, our puppy, made us a family of three. 

July 2017: We move to Orlando, Florida! Peter learned about Dr. Randall Loy, an amazing fertility specialist in the area. (He has his own YouTube channel....go figure). 

November 2017 - February 2018: We met with Dr. Loy a handful of times and he diagnosed Sarah with Endometriosis. 

February 22nd 2018: Sarah had an outpatient surgery to rid her body of the Endometriosis. (Here is our vlog from that day: )

March - June 2018: Sarah was prescribed a daily steroid as an effort to balance her hormones for three months. Because of our age and health, our doctor wanted treatment to remain as natural as possible. We continued to see no results.

June 12th 2018: Sarah went to a follow up with Dr. Loy where he told her about the next procedure he would like to do, WIUI (Washed Intrauterine Insemination)

What the WIUI involves is a handful of lab work visits and a few different types of medicine. All need to be implemented during specific times of Sarah's cycle. This "next step" is much more intrusive than we expected. We believe we misunderstood our doctor in a previous appointment when he described the possibility of forced ovulation. We did not imagine it would involve pills, injections, and insemination, but will do anything to start our family. 

This is the timeline of the procedure:

Sarah goes in for an ovary check during the first couple days of her cycle. From this test, the doctor will determine when she will begin taking Letrozole (a pill that prepares the ovaries to successfully release a strong egg). Up next is the Ovidrel injections (an ovulation triggering medication)! It will be sent to the pharmacy for us to pick up. On the 11th day of Sarah's cycle she will go into the doctors office for blood work. If her levels are solid we will inject the medicine into her stomach that night. More monitoring of her cycle will take place. The next step is the most important! Within two days of the injection, Peter will go into the doctor's office in the morning to provide a sperm specimen. Sarah will go in that same afternoon for the WIUI procedure. You can find more specifics of the procedure here:

Like stated in our vlog this week, we do have options! We can begin this process whenever we choose. Our doctor reiterated that we are young. He is confident we will be successful and that we have time. Because of our busy schedule the next two months, we will not be able to attempt this procedure until the end of August. It gives us some time to think it through and prepare. Another option is moving forward with the pills and injections, but timing everything else on our own. However, the WIUI does heighten the chances of pregnancy.

Now there is no guarantee this procedure will work. It can be attempted multiples times; it is totally up to us. If we are unsuccessful around four or five times, the doctor wants us to start considering IVF. 

So that is where we stand right now! We plan on continuing sharing our experiences here and hope you feel comfortable reaching out to us if you have any questions or insight to share.

We feel so fortunate to have a positive, "keep moving forward" outlook. Thank you for reading and being a part of our story. It's good to be home!



Back when I 27 and newly married, we began trying. I know rxactly what you are going through and this was 27 years ago. The fact you are telling your story, will help others down the road. God bless you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Carol Binnendyk

Peter & Sarah,

I had a similar experience when trying to become pregnant after marriage. Pills, shots and inseminations. We were successful the first time and had Tyler. Same scenario for baby #2 (Amy), but took a while longer. I will praying for you both as you endure this process. My prayers will be for patience, peace and understanding for the both of you. Lord willing, this experience will be one that you can have a wonderful blessing as an end result, but also that you are able to share with others the struggle of infertility. Stay positive…I love you both!


Sarah and Peter, I am so sorry to hear that the understanding of the next steps after Sarah’s operation was not clear. My husband and I tried to conceive for a few years after marriage without success as well. I was lucky enough to only have to do one round of fertility treatment before we conceived our son, who will be turning 21 next month. Please know that you both are in my thoughts and prayers as you both, together, decide what is best for your future. I also want to tell you that I really think that you should look in to this diet, Keto, that has a lot of benefits to it. Maybe not even a clean, strict Keto diet is necessary but it could be of some benefit. I know that a lot of women who deal with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, nothing like Endometriosis, has had a lot of success in conceiving after truly cleaning up their diet. My heart truly breaks for the both of you because I know how much this means to both of you and I can speak from experience when it comes to both endometriosis and infertility. I never had that chance to try to have another child because I just could not see putting my body through that one more time! Please take care of one another! Only the 2 of you know what is best for you and do not let anyone else influence your decision. Only move forward when you are truly educated about everything that you both with have to go through. This is not something that just one of you is going to go through, this is something that the 2 of you will go through together! Take care of each other and hold each other a little closer as you make this difficult decision in your lives! thanks again for sharing every single part of your lives with us <3
take care!


Hi Peter, Hi Sarah….
Just wanted to again tell you that you are not alone. Rich and I are in the same place..almost exactly. I have to have surgery next week on my cervix—all of our tests and bloodwork are fine, but they weren’t able to do my HSG test because of a deformation of my cervix, which requires a surgery with a camera to do the same thing the HSG test would have done with just dye. After that surgery we will begin looking at IUI options. I probably will not be able to do our first attempt until late August as my job is crazy during the summer. Our specialist is still confident that we will have kids, but some days it is so hard to keep hope. Some days I am so jealous of people who can have children so easily, some days I am angry at my body, some days I feel like god is punishing me, and some days I just accept it. It is really such a rollercoaster of emotions month after month. I am so sorry that you are going through this too, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But I do hope that one day we both have little ones and we can meet up at Disney World and watch Peter teaching them how to do cartwheels—-because by then, he will surely have mastered them.



From the mummy of a miracle ivf baby (3rd round) followed by a “naturally” conceived baby I truly hope all your dreams come true. I understand the heartbreak you are going through and hope you also have a happy ending. Thank you for raising awareness and sharing your journey. Sending you lots of

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