Plant Based Recipe Log

Here you will find a running list of plant based recipes we've shared and enjoyed! If there are any recipes you can think of that aren't here, please let us know and we'll do our best to add them.

Grilled Pepper and Quinoa Taco Salad

Zucchini Lasagna
Our video making it:

Buffalo-Style Quinoa Chili Recipe

Roasted Veggie and Hummus Sandwiches

Maple Mustard Cabbage Recipe
Vegan BBQ Baked Beans Recipe
Our video making it:

Chipotle Copycat Fajita Veggies
Chipotle Copycat Steak (plus advice from the comments)
Our video making it:

Mushroom Red Sauce & Baked Zucchini

Stuffed Peppers in Easy Red Sauce with Pasta and Salad

Stir Fry Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce

Vegan Cashew Parmesan Sprinkle Cheese

Black Bean Potato Burgers
Our video making it:

Sweet and Spicy Chili Cauliflower Tacos and Pickled Veggies

Brussels Sprout & "Pancetta" Pasta
Our video making it:

Family Chili Recipe

Quinoa Chili Recipe

The Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes
Our video making them:

Vegan Tortilla Soup
Our video making it:

Creamy Mushroom Tomato Pasta Sauce

Vegan Mushroom Gravy
Our video making it:

Our video making it with Greek veggie bake and cucumber salad:

    Mushroom Asada Tacos
    Our videos making them:

    Family Pepper "Steak" Recipe

    Chickpea Nuggets
    Our video making it:

    Twice Baked Avocado Potatoes

    Honey Garlic Cauliflower
    Our video making it, alongside veggie pita pizza:

    Family Bah-bauch (Potatoes, Peppers, Onions, and Sausage Skillet) Recipe


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