Sometimes All You Need is Some Disney Music!

I completely forgot to post a blog last week... Lately the days are just flying by and I'm simply not used to this new routine of posting. I'll have to set a reminder every Thursday from now on!

Let's see if this short Tuesday post can make up for my inattention. Today I'd like to talk about the Disney soundtracks we cherish and frequently turn to.

My go to soundtrack pick is "Finding Nemo". It helps me fall asleep. It fills my heart with joy. It brings me peace. There's not another song that can make my heart swell like "Nemo Egg". Even more so now with our sweet baby on the way. Do you have a soundtrack like this?

Playing the "A Goofy Movie" soundtrack guarantees a solid car jam with me! If I want to get motivated I turn on "Newsies" while the music from "Cinderella" calms me. "Brother Bear" has the best songs to just belt out for no reason! My karaoke pick? Anything from "Hercules". If I need a pick me up? "Coco". I could also listen to the music of "The Princess and the Frog" on repeat and never get sick of it.

In my opinion, "Tarzan" has the very best music of all the Disney movies. Its power and ability to move is simply unmatched! 

There are so many that I did not mention (ummmmm.... "Brave"!). I cannot possibly take on the task of ranking all Disney soundtracks. 1. Because I love them all... And 2. Because there's different music for different occasions! However, in most cases, Disney music is the answer! What are your favorites?


  • yggripdzgw

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Norma Renwick

    Moana , nemo, Tarzan it goes on and on but the theme from UP has special place it was played at my husbands funeral he loved it and we are a Carl and Ellie

  • Rina Walter

    (Disneymama64/RWalter) I love to listen to Park music. Any soundtrack from a park, makes me just want to be home. I also love the Frozen soundtrack….how corny. XOOXXO

  • Maria Fabbrocile

    My go to Disney soundtrack is Mary Poppins. The songs just make me feel good inside. I do love all Disney songs in one way or another but Mary Poppins just a little bit more.

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