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Let's Go Swimming!

We were so kindly invited by the Petras family to join them for a swim tonight at the Beach Club Resort. It's main pool, Stormalong Bay (AKA arguably the most sought after pool on Walt Disney World property) has not reopened with the rest of the resort. So we swam at the Luna Park Pool (AKA the clown pool) at the Boardwalk instead. We got to talking... Is Stormalong Bay really the best Disney pool? In our opinion... It's actually not. It's absolutely great, but just not number one. Here's our top five list! 1. Wilderness Lodge Copper Creek Springs PoolCome on! This pool has a constant stream that flows from the lobby spring, into a river, over a water fall,...

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What's Your Favorite Walt Disney World Resort Hotel?

If you have been following us for a while, you know we are always back and forth with which Walt Disney World Resort hotel is our favorite... There's so much to consider! Food, transportation, location, style, the list of factors goes on. Well! Sarah made this bracket to make deciding a little easier. We would love to see how yours plays out... Our results will be featured on tomorrow's vlog!  Save the bracket to your device and mark it with your answers! Please send us your results, or at least comment your winner here. Happy bracketing!

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