About Us

Hello there! We are Sarah and Peter Brookhart. With our Pomeranian pup, Eve, we make a family of three. Our roots lie in Chicago, however; our latest venture, The Brookhart Project, has driven us south.

On July 27th 2017 we hopped in a moving truck, and drove towards new careers and challenges in central Florida! Our most important task at hand? Formulating a day by day equation that results in us living our fullest life possible. But let's be honest... a certain iconic mouse's residency there didn't hurt. We video record our progress, and post daily vlogs to our YouTube channel. 

You might be wondering where our name "The Brookhart Project" originated. Well, the name is derived from one of the code names that Walt Disney gave his second theme park location, "The Florida Project". We did not move to Central Florida to build a world renowned theme park like he and his brother did... But we did pursue answers to two important questions! What does it mean to be a Brookhart? What can we do to make every day worth remembering?

We hope this website becomes a central hub of knowledge, meaningful conversations, and plenty of magic between us and those who decide to come along for the ride. May positivity and enlightening dialogue circulate among all who enter!

The  Brookharts