1. How close do you live to Walt Disney World property and how do you afford going there every single day?

About a 30-45 minute drive away! We afford it simply by being annual pass holders. As Florida residents, we take advantage of paying for them on a monthly payment plan. We also do not go over board in food, ticket event, and merchandise spending. Our experiences are focused on the atmosphere and the joy and peace it brings us.

2. What do you do for a living?

Peter is a data analyst manager in the hospitality field. Sarah edits the vlog and maintains our social media. She is also a freelance graphic artist. 

3. What is your PO Box address?

Peter and Sarah Brookhart
PO Box 692001
Orlando, FL 32869-2001

4. What type of breed is your dog, Eve?

Eve is a Pomeranian. Her birthday is January 29, 2017! 

5. Now that you live in Florida, do you regret your Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership?

Absolutely not! Living here has made our DVC membership even more valuable. We are able to attend every exclusive event, visit the member lounge as often as we want, and take advantage of our discounts regularly. It also guarantees our family has accommodations when they come to visit us.

6. Will you ever visit any other central Florida attractions besides Walt Disney World?

Definitely! We are always looking for new experiences, but Walt Disney World is our bread and butter.


7. Can I say hi to you if I see you while in the area?

Of course! We encourage it! Anyone who care enough about us to spend their time watching our videos, is worth our time.

8. Do you ever get sick of Disney?

Never! Everyday we take on a new adventure. We can go months without doing the same thing twice and still haven't done everything there is do there.

9. What advice would you give someone looking to make a big move or lifestyle change?

Timing is everything! A decision can be made in an instant, however; anything worth doing is worth doing with intention. Strenuous work/ schedules/ finances now are always worth the peace/ happiness/ adventure ahead. Be honest with yourself. Recognize your desires. Set a goal. Prepare and plan. Take the leap.

10. You mentioned you did the Disney College Program. Where did you work while  you were a cast member?

Sarah worked merchandise in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom. Her favorite location was at the Splash Mountain photo gift shop. Peter worked at the Electric Umbrella, a quick service food restaurant in EPCOT. He also worked Parade Audience control in Magic Kingdom.